How can I learn to use the Haathi Carnatic Editor?

It’s quite straight forward actually. First, please visit the Haathi Carnatic Editor home page to get an overview of what the Haathi Carnatic Editor application is all about. Then, visit the Haathi Carnatic Editor videos page and watch ALL the videos on that page, and pause the video as often as necessary and do exactly what the speaker does in the videos. This is the fastest way to learn about all the features in the application. Lastly, please familiarize yourself with the latest features in the application and take the time to try out each and every new feature on your own! That’s it! And if you have any questions or suggestions, please do email us via the Contact page on this website!

What are the latest features in the application?

Please visit this page for the latest improvements in Version 1.1 of Haathi Carnatic Editor.

How many machines can I install the license on?

One. The application is priced as cheap as possible with with assumption that you will only install this on one machine. If a particular household has multiple machines they want to run this application on, multiple licenses need to be purchased. We’d rather not increase the price of application for everyone because some households may want to run the software on more than one machine.

How can I gift this application to a friend or a loved one?

It’s easy! Just purchase this application off this website as if you were buying it for your own use and when you get the email with the download links and the license file, just forward that email to the person whom you want to gift the application to!

How soon will I receive my application download links and license file?

Almost instantly! Well, if everything is working as it should, you should receive your download link and license file in less than a few minutes, and certainly no more than 10 minutes from the time of the purchase. If you have not received the download links and license file, please contact us via the contact page on this website and mention the date/time of your purchase, which product(s) you purchased, what email address you used for the purchase, etc., and we will get back to you promptly!

How can I create a PDF file of the notation document?

To generate a PDF version of the notation document, just install any of the freely or commercially available PDF printers (such as CutePDF, pdf995, pdfCreator, doPDF, etc). Then just print your notation document to the PDF printer you installed which will allow you to capture the virtually printed document as a PDF file.