RealTanpura is a simple and easy to use app that brings you authentic, high fidelity, full-stereo recordings of a real acoustic Tanpura (a drone instrument used in Indian Classical music) recorded in a professional studio environment. Once you get used to the full and rich natural overtones produced by a real acoustic Tanpura, you will no longer prefer to use your electronic tanpura or app that produces sounds of the Tanpura using synthetic or mathematical algorithms.

Carnatic Editor

Haathi Carnatic Editor is a revolutionary Carnatic music editing software that has won the praises of many world renowned Carnatic musicians!


MediaMark is a patent pending, revolutionary media player application that lets you mark arbitrary spots or sections in your audio/video file and give those spots a title or description. Once you’ve marked the spots, you can instantly navigate to those spots in the audio/media file with a single click rather than scrolling back and forth to find those spots again in the future!

Carnatic products

Check out inspirational Carnatic products such as T-Shirts, long sleeve T-Shirts, Hoodies, and PopSockets designed by sister company Inspiritee!