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Haathi Carnatic Editor is a revolutionary and modern notation editor that runs on Microsoft Windows© and is specifically designed for notating Carnatic music. It allows for the creation of publish quality aesthetically pleasing notation documents in print form or PDF form. It includes many innovative features such as custom Carnatic fonts, automatic tabbing, support for special diacritic characters, automatic octave detection, audio rendering, background media playing, and many more features. At the end of the day, it will allow you to create beautiful and precise notation documents 200-300% faster than using tools like Microsoft Word or Excel.


A Visual Tour of Haathi Carnatic Editor

Take a visual tour of Haathi Carnatic Editor by viewing this gallery of 40+ screenshots.

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Key Features

Custom Carnatic Fonts

Haathi Carnatic Editor comes built-in 6 custom designed Carnatic fonts. These custom fonts support notes / swaras with dots above or below covering 3 octaves (e.g: Ṣ Ṛ G̣ Ṡ Ṙ Ġ), diacritic characters (e.g: ã õ ẽ ḍ ṇ ḳ) and numerous other special Carnatic characters.

Auto Octave

Haathi Carnatic Editor will automatically guess the octave of the notes / swaras you type. Type P D N S R, and it will become P D N Ṡ Ṙ automatically. 95% of the time the software will guess it right, but if it doesn’t, you can change the octave with a single click.

Auto Tab

Type a note, and if auto-tabbing is enabled, you’ll automatically be taken to the next cell where you can immediately type the next note, saving you the need to press the TAB key after each note. And don’t worry, you can type multiple notes / swaras into a single cell.

2nd and 3rd speeds

Haathi Carnatic Editor allows you to notate notes / swaras as well as sangathis in 2nd speed (with an underline, such as SR) as well as 3rd speed (with a double underline, such as in SRGR). Your notation document can precisely indicate which parts are rendered in what speed / kalam.


80+ Carnatic Thalams

Haathi Carnatic Editor comes built-in with 80+ templates to create notations in various thalams / jaathis / gathis. Have a request for a new thalam or rhythmic structure or a new layout? No problem! Just contact us via the contact page on this website and make your request.

Easy Sangathi Creation

Duplicate a sangathi with a single click. Just write the notation for sangathi 1, then click the “Duplicate” button, and make a few changes to it, and voila! you’re done with sangathi 2. Repeat the process to easily create new sangathis based off existing sangathis.

Notate from Audio or Video

Use the built-in media player to play your audio/video file (e.g. class recording) and notate your document while your media is playing. You can mark A-B spots in the media file and loop the media between A-B positions while perfectly notating the sangthi in that section of the media.

Play Your Notation

Write your notation document and click the Play button to hear your song! You can also choose your pitch / shruthi and the instrument (Sitar, violin, etc.) you’d like to use to render the audio. You can precisely control the speed of audio rendition as well from 20 bpm to 600 bpm.


Subscript notes/swaras

For kritis in ragams like Bhairavi that have anya swarams, precisely specify which note is being used in a particular spot by using subscripted notes. See this screenshot for an example of swaras with subscripts for the anya swaram D1 in Bhairavi ragam.

Publishing quality

Create beautiful and aesthetically pleasing publish-quality notation documents. You can precisely control font name/size and margin size. Choose between Portrait and Landscape layouts. Print-preview before printing. Save to PDF or export notation as image files.

Share on Social Media

Easily share notations via email, social media, etc. Your notation document can be exported in image format (each page will get exported as a separate JPEG file) or in PDF format to easily share your notation document with others via email, WhatsApp, or social media.

Undo & Redo

Like any modern editing or design application, Haathi Carnatic Editor supports Undo/Redo functionality to easily let you correct your mistakes and make editing as intuitive as all other common applications you use. Unlimited levels of undo / redo are supported.


Keyboard Shortcuts

Haathi Carnatic Editor is designed with shortcuts for commonly used features so that power users can quickly create notation document without using menu / toolbar buttons each time. Check out these shortcuts and you will be creating notation documents like a power user!

Sangathi differentiation

Each sangathi in the song usually builds upon the previous sangathi. Haathi Carnatic Editor lets you easily color the differences between two sangathis with a different color so that the differences between the two sangathis visually stand out to the reader or student.

Easily add X karvais

In Haathi Carnatic Editor you can just type R followed by the digit 4, and it will automatically expand to “R , , ,”. The digit you type for expansion can be anywhere from 2 to 9. This feature saves a lot of time for notating slow songs that have a lot of kaarvais / sustained notes. See screenshot.

Insert/Remove karvais

Sometimes you’ll get to the end of a line / avarthanam, and notice that you’re 1 or 2 maatras short or long. You probably forgot to put a comma somewhere or put too many. Find the erroneous spot and with one click you insert or remove karvais to fix the notation.


Percussion Notations

With Haathi Carnatic Editor, you can notate the percussion rhythms you learn or teach in any thalam for instruments like mridangam, ghatam, kanjira, and morsing. You can also notate vocal percussion such as konnakkol, dance jathis, and general sollu in any thalam/jathi/gathi.

Jathi Expansion Shortcuts

Type T8 and it will expand to the 8 maatraas “tha ka tha ri ki ta tha ka”. Type K4 and it will expand to “ki ta tha ka”. Shortcuts themselves can be single keys or multiple keys. You can customize them for common percussion phases / jathis in your music or dance school.

Paadaanthram preservation

You won’t find notation documents on the Internet that perfectly match your paadaanthram. Create notation music documents that perfectly match your paadaanthram and preserve the unique beauty in your musical lineage and pass this on to future generations of students.

Advance Notations

Does your Guru teach you additional variations after you have shown a basic level of mastery of the song? You can use Haathi Carnatic Editor to easily edit and update your notation documents as your guru teaches you new variations, special touches, unique endings, etc.


Key Benefits

Easy To Use

Haathi Carnatic Editor is extremely easy to learn and use. It is used by a wide range of users – from kids as young as 6 to performing musicians and internationally acclaimed artists.

Designed For Everyone

Haathi Carnatic Editor is designed for everyone. It is regularly used by students, parents, teachers, performing professional musicians, and composers.

Easy To Try

Haathi Carnatic Editor is now easy to try! Get a subscription license for a low $4.99 monthly fee. Try out Haathi Carnatic Editor for a month. Cancel anytime if you don’t like the product.

Characteristic Phrases

Master ragams by notating and practicing the characteristic phrases for each raga. Use the built-in audio rendering feature to practice the phrases at different speeds.


Kalpana Swarams

Notate and practice long kalpana swaram patterns and different finishing / landing patterns. Use the built-in audio rendering feature to practice them at different speeds.


Notate neraval for kritis during early stages of learning manodharma to improve your understanding of the neraval and to accelerate your practice and learning.

Compose Songs

Compose your own songs / pallavis and notate them for the record and to share with the world! Use the built-in audio player to get an idea of how your composition sounds.

Compose Swara Patterns

Notate your own swara practice patterns in various ragams and thalams/jaathis/gathis. Use the built-in audio-rendering feature to practice along at various speeds.


Detailed Explanation of Features

Check out the What’s New page for a detailed explanation of every single feature of Haathi Carnatic Editor, along with lot of screenshots! We update this page with every major release of the software. Most recently released features are listed on top. Read from the bottom up if you wish to familiarize yourself with the features as they were released over the years!


Need Support? Have Questions? Ideas? Suggestions?

If you need help with any of our products, or if you have any questions, please contact us via the Contact page.

We encourage you to check out the Haathi Carnatic Editor F.A.Q as we may already have answered any questions you may have.

Do you have any other questions or comments about our products? Or ideas for new features? Or suggestions for modifying existing features? If so, please contact us! You can also use the contact form to report any bugs or to request any support or help on using the product(s).


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