Haathi MediaMark Version 2.0 just recently released! Check out all the new features below!

MediaMark is a patent pending, revolutionary media player application that lets you mark arbitrary spots or sections in your audio/video file and give those spots a title or description. Once you’ve marked the spots, you can instantly navigate to those spots in the audio/media file with a single click rather than scrolling back and forth to find those spots again in the future! And if you’ve marked a section (defined by a beginning and ending time) in the audio/video file, you can keep looping that section to help you master your dance or music. The options are limitless as MediaMark has a wide variety of uses! People from all walks of life will find it, including music students, dance students, karate students, yoga students, audio/video editing professionals, parents, lawyers/attorneys, middle school students, high school students, college students, etc.

Key features of Haathi MediaMark

  • Standard Media Player application features!
    • Supports all popular audio/video file formats!
    • Standard features like Play, Pause, Stop, Scroll, etc!
  • Create MediaMarks!
    • Create a new MediaMark in your audio or video file with a single click and give it a description that is meaningful to you, such as “Sangathi 1”, “Beginning of Pallavi”, “Measure 1-4”, “Paragraph 1”, “Entering the Taj Mahal”, etc.
    • Easily fine tune, the start and end positions of any MediaMark you created by adjusting the position at increments of plus or minus 0.1 seconds, 0.5 seconds, 1 second, 5 seconds, 10 seconds, and 30 seconds
    • Quick-create a new MediaMark with a single click when you’re in a hurry. Your MediaMark will get a default name and will use the current media position as its start position. You can always come back and edit the details of the MediaMark later when you have time!
    • Modify a previously created MediaMark – change the title/description, or adjust the start or end position associated with the MediaMark!
  • Navigate to MediaMarks!
    • Single click navigation to any MediaMark – Just click on the MediaMark and instantly navigate to that position! No more fumbling around with the scroll bar back and forth to find the spot you’re looking for! Can you imagine how much time you’ll in your music and dance practice? How much more can you get done in a practice session? It’s your time, you own it, use it wisely! Don’t waste it fumbling around with the scroll bar! And it’s not just for music and dance. What about marking important parts of your high school or college lectures that you recorded? Or navigate with a single click to your favorite scene in your downloaded movie or vacation video! The uses are endless!
    • Just touch anywhere in the audio/video pane on the right side to instantly rewind to the beginning of the current MediaMark! A great feature that’s optimized for touch screen laptops and tablets!
  • Many looping options!
    • Loop a MediaMark – For MediaMarks where you defined a start and an end position, you can loop the MediaMark, which is a great way to master your practice of your music or dance, one section at a time!
    • A-B looping – Use A-B looping for marking sections of your media file for quick ad-hoc looping!
    • Loop the whole file – Loop your entire audio or video file repeatedly!
    • Pause between loop iterations – Are you a dancer and want a 30 second break between your practicing a particular set of moves? No problem! Are you a musician who wants to practice something repeatedly with a small 5-10 second break in between your practice attempts? No problem!
    • Loop X times – Loop a MediaMark, or an A-B section, or the whole file, exactly a certain number of times and then stop the looping. How about giving this as a tool to your student to help them practice each line of music or dance 5 times before going to the next line?
    • Loop for X minutes – Loop the whole song, an A-B section, or a particular MediaMark for a certain amount of time – a great feature to timed practice or listening of music and/or dance!
    • Fade out volume to zero while looping – Trust me, this is a great way to put kids to sleep with their favorite lullaby or with the song or music piece they are trying to master next!


This one picture says it all! Look at this picture below, and then scroll down and keep reading further about all the features and ways in which you can use Haathi MediaMark to improve your skill level in many subject areas!

Wide variety of uses for MediaMark

Some example uses of for MediaMark are :

  • You are a music student and you use MediaMark to mark spots in your audio/video file of your music lesson so that you can instantly get to those spots in the audio/video file with a single click, or loop certain sections of the audio/video file for repeated listening or practice.
  • Same as above, except you’re a student of dance, karate, yoga, etc., and you use MediaMark to mark important spots in your video file so that you can instantly get to certain spots in the video file with a single click, or loop certain sections of the video file for continuous watching or practice.
  • You are a parent and have a 20 minute video recording of your child’s soccer game, and you use MediaMark to mark important spots of the game, such as when your child is hitting goals so that you can instantly get back to those spots in the future when you play this video file in MediaMark. Imagine being able to open old family videos and instantly be able to go to the important spots in the family video without having to scroll back and forth or trying to remember what important incidents may have been recorded in that video file! What good is gigabytes or terabytes of family videos if many years later when you’re looking at those videos you don’t know where therein the ‘gems’ (important incidents) are hidden?
  • You’re in charge of editing an audio or video file and you use MediaMark to mark the spots you want to keep or remove and send it to your colleague or supervisor to get their feedback before you perform the actual editing/cutting.
  • You are a middle school student, high school student, or college student, and have recorded your class lecture, and you use MediaMark to mark important spots in your audio or video file so that you can instantly get back to listening to important parts of the class with a single click! If you missed your class and got this recording from a friend, you can even use MediaMark to keep track of the spot in the class until we you have listened
  • You are a business professional showing a video (e.g. product demonstrations) to your audience and you use MediaMark to mark various spots in the video so that you can with a single click instantly go to those spots in the video rather than waste your time scrolling back and forth in front of the audience!
  • You are an attorney using video footage as evidence and you use MediaMark to mark important spots in your video file to show to the judge or jury so that you’re not fumbling around scrolling back and forth in the video trying to find the exact spot in the video you want to show.

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