About RealTanpura

RealTanpura is an easy to use, elegantly designed, high fidelity Tanpura app with rich and vibrant audio captured in a professional recording studio using real Tanpuras played by professional musicians.  It runs on iPhones, iPads, Android phones, Android tablets, and Amazon Fire / Fire HD devices.


Key Features

High fidelity audio
Stereo recordings captured using real Tanpuras played by professional musicians.
100% natural
No audio manipulation, just rich and natural Tanpura recordings in each pitch.
Minimalistic design
Explicitly designed with minimalism and ease of use in mind.
5 or 6 beat pluck pattern
RealTanpura supports both the 5 beat and 6 beat Tanpura plucking patterns. The 5 beat plucking pattern is more commonly used by Carnatic musicians and the 6 beat plucking pattern is more commonly used by Hindustani musicians.
Multiple modes
RealTanpura supports 3 modes of Tanpura playing – Pa mode, Ma mode, and Ni mode.
Flexible volume control
RealTanpura gives you the flexibility to control volume from within the app or also via the physical hardware volume buttons.
Background play
Use other apps in the foreground while RealTanpura is playing in the background.
Stage play
Use RealTanpura on stage by connecting it to a Bluetooth speaker or a wired speaker.
Multiple layouts
Use RealTanpura in both Landscape and Portrait mode with intelligent orientation detection and automatic layout change support.
Many uses
Used for Carnatic music, Hindustani music, Bhajans, Kirtans, Yoga, and Meditation.
Runs on multiple platforms and form factors
Works on iOS devices (iPhones and iPads), Android devices (both phones and tablets) and Amazon Fire HD devices.
Free updates
Automatically receive all future updates to your app for free via the Apple App Store (for iOS devices), Google Play Store (for Android devices), or Amazon App Store (for Fire / Fire HD tablets).

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