About Haathi Note Master

Haathi Note Master is a revolutionary tool to enable music students to practice and master the basics of Carnatic music. Haathi Note Master enables practice of all basic lessons (sarali varisaigal, jantai varisaigal, dhattu varisaigal, mel sthayi varisaigal, and all 35 alankaras). You can practice all these basic lessons in all 72 melakartha ragas, and practice them at any speed. Lastly, you can do any of these exercises in tisram, kandam, 2nd speed, 3rd speed, misram, and sankeernam as well!


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Key Features

40 Basic Lessons

Haathi Note Master comes built-in with 40 basic Carnatic lessons, including the all basic varisais (Sarali, Jantai, etc.), and the 35 alankarams covering all 7 thalams in all 5 jaathis.

Listen to it

Haathi Note Master lets you play all lessons and hear the audio for all lessons with pitch perfect pure notes. Play the lesson, and sing along or play your instrument along.

Pick your tempo

Haathi Note Master lets you pick any tempo to play your lesson, from 20 beats per minute to 600 beats per minute!

Pick your shruthi

Haathi Note Master lets you play the lessons in any shruthi, thus allowing you to practice along while singing in your shruthi, or practice along with your instrument.


Pick your ragam

Haathi Note Master lets you practice any of the 40 lessons in any of the 72 melakarta ragams! Build your skill to become comfortable with any note in any melakarta raga.

Pick your nadai

Haathi Note Master lets you practice any of the lessons in any speed and nadai, including tisram, chathusram, kandam, mel kalam tisram, misram and sankeernam.

Pick your instrument

Haathi Note Master lets you practice any of the lessons in any MIDI instrument such as the acoustic grand piano, violin, viola, flute, clarinet, sitar, ukulele, etc.

See your thalam

While playing any lesson, Haathi Note Master shows you a visual thalam with the hand. This is especially useful for practicing the 35 alankarams in various nadais.


Loop your lessons

Haathi Note Master lets you pick any lesson and loop it infinitely so that you can keep practicing the same lesson (or part of it) until you’re ready to move on!

Print your lessons

Haathi Note Master lets print any of the lessons in beautiful publish quality print layout so that you can have a printed reference of all the lessons, including the 35 alankarams.

Use custom lessons

Haathi Note Master can let you practice any custom designed lesson by your school/guru using the Haathi Carnatic Editor product.

Arohanam / Avarohanam

For easy reference, Haathi Note Master displays the arohanam (ascending scale) and avarohanam (descending scale) for the currently chosen raga in which the lesson is being played.


Key Benefits

Easy To Use

Haathi Note Master is extremely easy to learn and use. It can used by a wide range of users – from kids as young as 5!

Designed For Everyone

Haathi Note Master is designed for everyone from beginners to advanced students to professionals as everyone must keep practicing the basics to retain sharp skills.

Easy To Try

Haathi Note Master is now easy to try! Get a subscription license for a low $4.99 monthly fee. Try out Haathi Note Master for a month. Cancel anytime if you don’t like the product.


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Why is it important to always practice the basics?

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Videos of Haathi Note Master In Action

Sathya (Step 2 – with audio+visual from software)
Sathya (Step 3 – with audio only from software)
Sathya (Step 4 – no software)
Keshav (Step 2 – with audio+visual from software)